Magmeda Monsters – Now on Kickstarter from Rapid Leaf Productions

Magmeda Monsters – A 2 player tactical card game from Rapid Leaf Productions – It is currently on Kickstarter – I’ve always loved card games, whether it’s playing snap with my two children, or when I was younger, playing a variant of Blackjack in my sixth form break room. So when I was offered the… Read More »

Demon Espionage – Whose Side are you on?

With less than 24 hours to go, Demon Espionage is way above it’s Kick Starter pledge and is still going strong. Angels and Demons have always intrigued me. Maybe that’s why I like watching shows such as Lucifer, Supernatural, Highway to Heaven *grin*. So when I come across boardgames that deal with demons and/or angels,… Read More »

Do you fear the dark? – Sub Terra Kickstarter

I don’t have many fears or phobias, I’m not claustrophobic but the idea of going spelunking or in layman’s terms, exploring caves is not my idea of fun. The thought of getting trapped underground with no easy way out or getting stuck in a tight crevice – Yeah, no thanks. (Which is weird because I… Read More »

Who is this Strong, Independent, Fearless Woman?

  Ever since I went to the Gloucester Comic Con earlier this year, my interest in Cosplay and the people that partake within the community has increased. Day after day, I am amazed at the skill and dedication that Cosplayers exhibit when they don the costume and become the character. To me, it’s another form… Read More »

War Co. Card Game – YouTube Walkthrough and Review

My Gameplay video on War Co. Card Game – A game where you can play some good strategy although like most card games of this type, it does take a while to really know your cards to use them wisely. A game that will keep you coming back to the table to try out different… Read More »

Gloucester Comic Con Thoughts – 8/9th October

When it comes to conventions and expos I’m still a newcomer to the scene. The only one that I’ve been to regularly is the UK Board Games Expo that is held every year in Birmingham. So when I heard about a local comic con near me, I made it my mission to go and lend my… Read More »