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Nightmare Forest – When Forest Critters Go Bad..uh Undead – Kickstarter Launch: 28th January 2016

  “Inevitably they find their way into the forest. It is there that they lose and find themselves. It is there that they gain a sense of what is to be done. The forest is always large, immense, great and mysterious. No one ever gains power over the forest, but the forest posses the power… Read More »

First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet Teaser Trailer

When it comes to board games, I’ve always been one to gravitate towards games that can provide a good narrative. I guess that’s due to my love of RPG games like Final Fantasy, playing on Star Trek MUSHes and loving the whole concept of White Wolf (Vampire the Masquerade) and Dungeons and Dragons (Never played,… Read More »

UK Games Expo – Birmingham

So last year, I went to my first ever Games Expo. I went on the Saturday and it was an adventure to say the least. I can just about remember what went on as it was such a blur. From learning the layout, properly looking at the different stalls and meeting some people from the… Read More »