UK Games Expo – Birmingham

UK Games Expo - 10 Years UK Games Expo - 10 Years
UK Games Expo - 10 Years
UK Games Expo – 10 Years

So last year, I went to my first ever Games Expo. I went on the Saturday and it was an adventure to say the least. I can just about remember what went on as it was such a blur. From learning the layout, properly looking at the different stalls and meeting some people from the social side of board gaming, it went far too quickly.

Add to the fact, that the kids were slightly overwhelmed with the noise and people, by the time we got back to the hotel, Wife and I were totally knackered/sparked out/like zombies.

So to combat this, we’re going from the Friday to the Sunday. We might not do EVERYTHING but it will at least give us time to recoup and take stock of what we want to see,do and buy. It means that if I want to, I can drop family off and go back to the board game night section. Whether I do or not remains to be seen. Instead of rushing around like a blue arsed fly, I can visit each booth and get involved with the booth and really see what they are offering. I can admire the artwork of the artists and maybe buy a copy. It also means that I can stay at the Children’s area and allow the kids to have fun – I wonder if those giant games are there again.


  • Remember snacks and water
  • Pace myself so that wife and kids do not get too tired, too quickly.
  • Spray and deodorant – It does get hot in there. Small spaces and rushing around will make you do a cardio workout.
  • Talk with the companies and look at their products
  • Network is possible.
  • Look at the PlayTest area and see if I can go back in the evenings to play games
  • As I’m getting back into X-Wing, would be good to take notice of what I can get for it
  • Take better sound, videos and pictures
  • Look into getting a press pass – Hope to have a good bunch of videos and reviews by the time it comes around.
  • Consider dressing son up as Kylo and myself as Finn.

I haven’t had a chance to do proper research but I do know that I want to look at the following companies.

CoiledSpring Games – They do alot of products that are aimed at kids. I have Robot Turtles that my son loves (and has presented for – Video coming soon). I also love the idea of games that help kids to learn without making it boring. I want to get Compose This. –

TripleAceGames – They have done a game called Cadaver, which I love. It’s a simple game that I managed to get a preview of. Just need to get the review up. –

Visit the Family Zone –

Facts about the UK Game Expo 2016

  • Now in its 10th Year.
  • 14,000 visitors over three days (7000 unique visitors).
  • 150+ Exhibitors
  • Hundreds of seats in tournaments
  • Male/ female mix around 65/35
  • High numbers of families and children.
  • Strong core of hobby games enthusiasts
  • Good opportunity to demo and sell products.

Dates for the 2016 Show: 3rd to 5th June. Location: NEC Hall 1 and NEC Hilton Hotel.