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Welcome readers,

Now, this article is going to be different from the others that I have posted on my site so far. This review is going to be about an online retailer called ‘Wicked Uncle’.

Wicked Uncle pride themselves on being able to provide gifts for children of all ages, whether they are 2 or a teenager, whether they are a boy or girl. They can provide that inspiration. girl

So when they offered me the chance to experience their services, I jumped at the chance.

As an IT worker whose job is to assess usability and functionality of websites (Quality Assurance), I have to say that I was impressed with what I was presented with. The categories were easy to understand and allowed me to navigate between each section with ease. If I wanted to look for toys for a 2 year old girl, I was able to do that. Nothing felt out of place. If anything, there was almost too much to choose from.

Each category could be split into just boys (signified by a blue theme within the category picker), girls (signified by a pink theme within the category picker), and both could be then selected by age range. If gender or age does not matter to you, then all products can be shown.

In terms of navigation, the site is responsive. I mean that in two ways, going from the landing page of each category to the product detail page felt fast, I did not feel that I had to wait for the page to load even if I was on my mobile to do my browsing.

Now, in case you are not aware, the website is ‘Responsive’. This means that no matter if you are browsing on your desktop, tablet or mobile, the user experience is not going to be diminished. The website will respond to the screen size of your device and show the content in a streamlined manner. Wicked Uncle did well here.

In the end, I chose the following items from the site (reviews will be posted separately):boy

Rory’s Story Cubes

Zombie Survival Playing Cards

Brain Box Space Game

Neon Sign Writer

We’ve played with the Story cubes, making up stories and I had the chance to take it to the beavers for a Games Night. You’ve never seen a group of kids so eager to tell stories. They also loved the Space Game trying to recall the facts that they saw ten seconds ago. It got quite competitive.

The checkout process posed no problems for this reviewer, I choose the card route and was able to put in my voucher code with ease. The rest of the checkout transaction went smoothly. I got notification of my purchase to my email address along with the tracking number.

Delivery was quick, they stated 2-3 days for delivery and that’s what happened. It was delivered in an adequately sized box for the products within (No Amazon style packing here) and all my choices were arranged neatly and securely. No damage to the products at all.


From a technical standpoint, I was very happy. A well designed website that was fast to use, visually pleasing and the customer journey was easy to understand. My experience on my mobile phone as I browsed, felt no different to my experiences on my main desktop computer.

From a parent point of view, it had a wide range of choice that could be applied to any of the younger kids in my family. It was easy to narrow in on products that were suitable for my 6.5 year old son and 2 year old daughter. They also include little touches such as a card with your name and address on it so that you can easily include a Thank you card with the gift. Another good touch is that they can do a Birthday reminder where they send an email roughly around the same time the following year with the next age range suggestions.

So I hope that has given you a flavour of what Wicked Uncle is about. Visit their website at http://www.wickeduncle.co.uk/, Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/wickeduncletoys/ or Twitter – https://twitter.com/WickedUncle

Until next time.