Visit Geekson at the UK Games Expo – For all of your Furniture Needs!

UK Games Expo - 10 Years

You have your shiny new game, with the shiny new meeple, chits and dice.

You pull out your table and it’s looking a bit worse for wear, the shine has gone, the leg is a bit wonky and the table leans when you rest on it.

God forbid, if you need a place to rest your drinks while you play with your gaming friends.

So after game night, you hop on the internet and start to shop. Where do you go?

The answer, my friends is: Geeknson –

Who are they?

Geeknson is the UK based manufacturer of fine furniture made out of the quality hardwoods. The family-run business is focused on manufacturing a complex range of furniture for geeks.


I first saw them at the UK Games Expo last year and the crowd around their booth was lines deep, many a time I passed the booth wishing I had the space to purchase one (note: As soon as I move into my mansion, I’m buying several). Maybe I can convince work to buy one as a meeting room table as well as a gaming table (we have gaming lunches).  Hmmm.

This year, Geeknson are bring the following lines to the UK Games Expo on the 2nd-5th June @ the NEC. They will be based at stand E38 in the main hall

They will be bringing

  • Their famous Denis table
  • Henry table
  • Piñata table
  • Coffee tables
  • Storage. Seats.

Check out the following video from Geeknson

Here is a link to their product catalogue –

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