Monthly Archives: June 2016

StateCraft – A Political Strategy Game – Inside the Box Board Games Launch

Politics can be a confusing subject for many, and with the US Elections underway and the upcoming referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union, it’s a wonder why people are baffled by the spin that is pumped out by the media outlets. I’m sure there have been many conversations down the pub where… Read More »

Stand and Deliver – Highwaymen Kickstarter Preview

Highwaymen is a modular tile board game where players are tasked with attempting to rob a stagecoach that is laden with gold and other spoils. Each player works with the others to disable the stagecoach before it leaves the forest. It won’t be easy as there are military escorts surrounding the carriage who have no qualms about stopping you by any means necessary. One dead bandit is not going to ruin their day.

Hoard Review – Cheeky Parrot Games

Glittering treasures surround the slumbering dragon. The adventurers sneak into its cavern, each hoping to plunder the most valuable items. Creep around the dragon, collecting treasure sets; steal from other players at sword-point; remember the best caches; and when you feel you’re ahead, try to rouse the dragon to end the round.

Taking to the Skies – Airfix Battles and Thunderbirds: Tracey Island by Modiphius Entertainment

Only 2 days to go and here is another press release to let you all know about another company that will be at the UK Games Expo, eager to show off their wares. The UK Games Expo also starts this week and British tabletop publisher Modiphius will be there at the appropriately named Stand #D20!… Read More »