Ready to Rock – Band Manager Backstage Clash Unboxing and Review

Have you ever wanted to be the `Lead Singer of the Band’, go on tour and perform in front of thousands of fans. Will now you can in a game that has been designed by Original Content London

I present to you Band Manager Backstage Clash.


+ You love this game if you like the music genre
+ You like light to medium games
+ You like Card Games
+ You like socialising with other players
+ You like the negotiation aspect of boardgaming
+ The board is a T-shirt, so if it gets dirty, you can wash it.


– You can play as 2 player but you have to do an A.I type player which doesn’t showcase the game very well
– You play with a group that are very introvert
– As a player, you are not great with negotiation
– You prefer heavier games

Check out the YouTube video to see the game up close