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D20 BoardGame Cafe – Watford


So why am I writing about a boardgame cafe?

I like the idea of boardgame cafes, there are times when you don’t want to go to a pub, nightclub (not that I would go, damn loud music!) or you want to play a game that’s been on your mind for ages, but you don’t have the game or the space.It’s a perfect place to unwind for an evening, where you can buy delicious food and drinks while enjoying the company of your friends. You have access to a wide range of games that you didn’t know existed and best of all, you can try them out without wondering if it deserved your hard earned cash.

So who are in charge of D20?

Page Costa, Michelle Chin and Mario Karaiskos want to realise and bring to fruition, a cafe that is located within Central Watford. So while this won’t be applicable to 90% of people that read this, I thought I would mention it to support them in bringing more exposure to the hobby. I’m sure that there will be many instances where a family will go in the cafe to grab a bite to eat, see the range of games and try it out. They’ll love it and then it’s another family that have been brought into the fold.




Five pounds to have access to a whole range of games is cheap and. It even goes down if you buy food and drink, so if you’re 6 hours into Twilight Imperium, then will talk about value for money.

Like other coffee shops, you can simply come in to relax and enjoy our selection of food, coffee and alcohol. If you’d like to use our board game library, there will be a cover charge of £5 (reduced to £3.50 with a food/drink order, or concessions). Only want to play board games? That’s OK too, you can just pay £5 for use of our library. We will also offer Kickstarter memberships to reduce the cost of food, drink and board game play!

So by supporting D20, what can you do with your pledge?


Hopefully we can get updates when it funds and the cafe comes to life.

So show your support in bringing this dream to life – Click the link:

Robit Riddle


Back when I was a child, I loved the books that allowed you to define your path, the choose your own adventure. I devoured the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone Fighting Fantasy book that enabled me to battle the Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

I was contacted by Kevin from Baba Geek Games to have a look at Robit Riddle, I was intrigued, I’ve always been interested in Artifical Intelligence. I watched D.A.R.Y.L as a kid and Data was my favourite character in Star Trek (Yes, I know it’s more about Androids, but still).

So what is Robit Riddle about?

Robit Riddle is an award winning story telling game. As one of 6 unique robot characters, players will set out for adventure as they hunt for their missing pets, the Robits. Along the way, they will need to make important decisions (and friends) while collaboratively creating an interesting shared story. With gameplay inspired by Choose Your Own Adventure books, and amazing art from John Ariosa of Mice and Mystics fame, Robit Riddle makes for an engaging narrative adventure game not to miss.

1 – 6 players
8+ years old
30 minute play time
Co-op/Story telling

Choose a character and then follow along in the story book. There is no game master needed. As you have encounters decide how your character will approach the situation. Tell a little story and then roll the dice. Your teammates will add to your story describing what their characters are doing and possible helping you out. The outcome of encounters and your choices along the way determines the direction of the story.

Link to the Kickstarter ( – With 9 days to go, they need to achieve the 12k target. It looks like a great game that will appeal to the whole family and create a love of reading and adventure.

I reached out to Kevin to find out more about Robit Riddle and asked him the hard journalistic questions that had to be asked.

1) How did you come up with the inspiration for the game
I have two boys, one a reluctant reader, the other a reluctant story teller. I wanted a game that would keep their interests and help them get past these hurdles. I couldn’t find anything on the market that would do those two things. Robit Riddle is the answer to this market shortcoming.

2) It has elements of the choose your own adventure. Did you use to read the Fighting Fantasy books and if so, which one was your favourite?
I completely missed the Fighting Fantasy books. But I think I read every single Choose Your Own Adventure book.

3) I like the idea of donating to schools as I can see teachers using it as a tool. If the teachers did use it, what “subject” does this game lend itself to?
Reading comprehension and a little math. I would say one of the biggest things schools teach that isn’t tested for is socializing. This is a highly social game that gets all players working together.

4) What made you approach John Ariosa for the artwork for Robit Riddle?
Funny story… I was searching on deviant art for some lesser known people since I was an independent and didn’t think I could afford someone with a name (much less get their attention). I found a handful of people that I reached out to, and of those only a couple replied. I ended up going with John, not knowing who he was in the industry. I didn’t see any Mice and Mystics stuff up on his page. It wasn’t till a few months later that I realized. I asked him what he was doing working for me! He said he enjoyed working with the indie folks just as much as the bigger name companies.

5) You’ve playtested this at several conventions, what has the feedback told you about this game, what comment is repeated over to you?
The top comment, and the one that always brings people in is the artwork. John and I worked very closely together talking about the characters and their motivations and their backgrounds to come up with artwork that not only looks fantastic, but brings the stories to life.

6) You mention that you’ve had 15+ iterations which one would expect a game to have, how has Robit Riddle differed from the first irteration to the final version?
The first few iterations had everything I could think a “simple” RPG should have. It had lots of dice, skills, stats, special abilities. I was basically trying to hone in on what was the most basic simple game I could make and still get the point across. The biggest change happened when I decided that the narrative and the story telling were going to be the feature mechanics in the game.

7) Is there anything you’ll like to tell us about Robit Riddle that you want players to know.
There are three books in the box. To figure out the riddle and know what has happened to all the robits, you will need to play each book multiple times to put the pieces together. They are each a non-linear story in their own right, but together tell one complete story.

8) Is there a chance for expansions to the game considering the storyline element to the game?
Yes, I have three more books in the Robit Riddle series already outlined. I also have some extra characters, locations, and enhancements that will increase the depth of the game.



Now technically, this one is not out yet and is scheduled for Kickstarter release but after seeing the game in action on YouTube, Superhot, the PC Game is coming to Kickstarter in December in the form of a card game. SuperHot is a game where action only occurs when you move. You stop, the world stops. However, the environments are crazy in that the enemies and bullets are coming for you in every direction.

The card game is designed by Manuel Correia who designed Agent Decker and is going to be released by Board and Dice. Here is a snippet of what Superhot is all about.

A bullet misses you by millimeters. A dozen more come from every direction. Armed red guys are everywhere.  You take a breath. You check your options. You play a card.

 Part strategy, part shooter, and undeniably stylish, SUPERHOT is the bestselling independent FPS in which time moves only when you move. After its Steam and Xbox One releases, SUPERHOT is taking its unique game mechanics to the world of tabletop games.

SUPERHOT Card Game will be designed by the talented folks from Board and Dice and Manuel Correia, a crazy creative game designer and author of the critically acclaimed Agent Decker. A Kickstarter campaign is currently in the works and scheduled for in Winter 2016.

Play your cards well. Take your time.
Because time moves only when you move.

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