About Us

I’m Steve aka The Angel of Dice. I was introduced to board games about a year ago via the game Vampireology. Ironically, I still haven’t played it as it needs 3 people at least and my son isn’t old enough to understand how to play. So the game that set our family down the boardgame rabbit hole was, like many others out there. ‘Pandemic’. From there, we were hooked and over the months, our collection is slowly growing.

Steve – During my youth, I used to play the point and click games, RPG’s such as Final Fantasy so my tastes when it comes to boardgames revolves around:

  • StoryTelling games
  • DnD Games
  • Deduction Games

The games that I’m not to keen on tend to be:

  • Party Games
  • Bluffing Games – I’m terrible at Coup, Resistance

It should be noted that the games on this site will tend towards 2 player games but I won’t rule out any games that require a larger player count. However, games that require at least 5+ players will probably not be covered.

Lou – Lou aka the wife aka the other half.