UK Games Expo 2016 – Day 1: Press Preview

The dust has settled on another successful UK Games Expo, the halls have been swept and cleared and people are trundling back to work eager to get home to play their newly wrapped purchases from...

My UK Games Expo Wishlist

Do you know how hard it is to have a list of games that you want to look at, let alone buy? Hmm, do you? I’m looking at the Trade Map and I swear it’s...

UK Games Expo – A Spotlight on Breacher18

During the approach to the UK Games Expo, I wanted to showcase publishers and people that are involved within the boardgame industry. One of these people is Jay also known as Breacher18. I first knew of Breacher18 via YouTube and the UK Gaming Media Network. Later on, at last years UK Games Expo, I almost had the chance to speak with her, but she was manically running around gathering interviews and showcasing the latest games to her followers

What’s cooler than being cool – Ice Cool – New game by Brain Games

Innovative Flicking Game to Be Launched at UK Games Expo 2016 On June 3rd at the UK Games Expo 2016, the board games publisher Brain Games is launching Ice Cool - the first flicking game with pieces that curve and jump. The game has been nominated for UK Games Expo Awards 2016 in the Children category. It stands out with two major innovations: flicking techniques and a Box-In-A-Box setup.